Freshcreamz is the cake specialists in Madurai. Freshcreamz cake convey what you want to say your loved ones. Now people are celebrate every occasion with cake. But rich and creative, lovable person are like Only our Freshcreamz Cakes. Occasion means Freshcreamz Cake. Every occasion from your child birthday celebration, your wedding day  and wedding anniversary, retirement function, Christmas, Opening germany, Any product launches, and all lovely and memorable occasion in your life, you can gift Freshcreamz cake. Celebration means Freshcreamz Cake, Love means Freshcreamz Cake, Rich means Freshcreamz cake, Gift means Freshcreamz cake.

We do door delivery in Madurai. We do mid-night delivery Madurai.

We deliver free of charge to the following Areas in Madurai( excluding midnight delivery ).

Bibikulam, Madurai.

Following areas, We charge minimum coast

Race course, Madurai.
Meenambalpuram, Madurai.
Tallakulam, Madurai.
Kalpalam Road, Madurai.
Narimedu, Madurai.
Sellur, Madurai.   
Sokkikulam, Madurai.

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